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About Optimum Design

Optimum Design is a diversified EMS company providing design and assembly services for electronic products. Our teams (circuit design, PCB layout, SMT assembly, system integration) have developed proven methodologies that optimize the cost and quality of electronic products. Our methods are used by some of the world’s most sophisticated companies, including Intel, Boeing, Honeywell, Varian, Amazon and Northrop Grumman.

Why our customers use us

We get great results

We deliver amazing prices by being open book and relentlessly driving out costs for PCB Assembly and System Integration procurements. Our focus is high end work for demanding customers. We typically reduce costs 5-15%, maintain 98% OTD, and have a phenomenal quality record for even the toughest products.

We're a little crazy

We like challenges. We like the "impossible". We know you wish it was different, but your scheduling is volatile and that's just the way it is. So we do whatever it takes to meet your needs, including working 24/7 and demanding our suppliers work 24/7 too.

We have worked with companies just like yours

Our customers range from start-ups to multi-billion dollar giants. What they have in common is a need for high level process sophistication that meets their audit requirements, a desire for high quality work delivered on time at a great price, and most importantly a high level of attention and flexibility.

We're experts

We are considered a leading authority on PCB design and are the exclusive provider of starter libraries to Mentor Graphics. We have been published in EE Times, Avionics Today, EMSNow, Printed Circuit Board Design & Fabrication, and many others. We are a featured commentator on EMS issues, and are members of the IPC Government Relations Committee advocating before Congress and federal agencies on behalf of the industry.

Values, beliefs, and quirks

Our expectation of ourselves is to dazzle customers. We define "dazzle" as being unexpectedly excellent.

We focus more on customer satisfaction than profits

The first two years of a contract manufacturing relationship are not very profitable for the EMS. Stable long term customers are the bedrock of successful EMS companies. The only way to get long term customers is to be laser focused on delivering customer satisfaction...for years. If customers are satisfied, profits will come in time.

We stopped trying to win awards

Here's the thing with awards. They're nice to mention on the website. But they cause enormous distractions for our team (who absolutely do not lose industry competitions), while doing nothing for our customers. So we just don't enter them any more, we'd rather win the customer satisfaction derby.

Other values

Give customers the same advice we'd give our Mom. Treat every build as if we were building it for ourselves. Provide intangible, off book value. The kind you can't measure. Tell the truth. Don't lie. Do everything possible to fix it, but tell the truth. Be awesome. Be unstoppable. Work with customers who feel the same.

Our history

Optimum Design was founded in 1991 as a PCB design bureau by Nick Barbin (a Top Gun Award winner himself, Nick is our President) and Roger Hileman (Optimum is the 5th successful company Roger started, he is our CFO) and is now a diversified EMS company in the INC 5000 for the third time in 5 years. In 2008 the company expanded into contract manufacturing and used lean principles to unlock the quality and efficiency benefits of having design and manufacturing experts located under one roof.

Nick Barbin (left) with Congressman Eric Swalwell at Optimum's
headquarters in Pleasanton, CA


Mike Hornig

Director of Business Development

Rodney Manning

GM, Director of Manufacturing

Darin Holt

Production Manager

Trace Thornberry

Quality Manager