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"You did a phenomenal job with this layout and in a very short period of time: I think you have spoiled me to the point where there is no reason to go anywhere else moving forward."

"The assembly services provided by Optimum were excellent. Coordination of the materials and build for two simultaneous programs was a difficult task, but it was handled much to our satisfaction."

"Great Job on your end. I spent a minimum amount of time on input for you... Most of the critical routing was called out by you guys. More than of any other design, we sat back and agreed to the way you guys were handling constraints."

"I have worked with a lot of different CAD engineers over the years and working with your team has been great... I just wanted to take a moment to say you have an excellent team."

"You have one hell of a great librarian and service!"

"Each of the PCB’s that Optimum has designed carries the signature of their remarkable talent and passion for the job."

I am real pleased with quality of work you have done.
The success I am having is not possible without
your expertise.

You do top notch work and the experience that you brought
to the table is going to help our design
be a great success.

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