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Benchmark Electronics Review

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Benchmark Electronics is a tier II EMS provider offering a full range of services to OEMs in diversified, high-complexity markets. Benchmark, like Plexus, is both a “boutique” manufacturer and a multinational company. This unique position allows Benchmark to focus on its market strategy of maintaining close customer relationships, leveraging advanced design and engineering capabilities, and manufacturing complex products—all while offering the capacity for high volume.

Markets: Aerospace and defense, computing and data storage, industrial, medical, semi-conductor & automation, telecommunications, test & measurements, and energy.

Services: Design and engineering, new product introduction, design insurance, and manufacturing.

Specialties: Computers for business, industrial equipment, medical.

US Locations: Moorpark, CA; San Jose, CA; Concord, CA; Fremont, CA; Phoenix, AZ; Tempe, AZ; Dunseith, ND (2); Huntsville, AL; Winona, MN; Rochester, MN; Nashua, NH; Londonderry, NH; Angleton, TX.

Offshore Locations:

Americas  Mexico (Guadalajara, Guaymas, Tijuana, Matamoros).

EMEAThe Netherlands (Almelo); Romania (Brasov).

Asia Thailand (Ayudhaya, Korat); Malaysia (Penang); China (Suzhou); Singapore (Singapore).   

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008; AS9100C, NADCAP (Aerospace); ISO13485, FDA Registered, QSR Compliant (Medical),  ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive); TL9000 (Telecom); ISO 14001 (Environmental); OHSAS 18001; ITAR Registered; ANSI ESD20:20 (ESD).

Financial: FY2013 $2.7 billion in revenue, down 4.1% from FY2012.

Size: 11,023 employees, 3.8 million square feet of facility space.

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Benchmark has contributed to a multitude of technological firsts, including, but not limited to, the first swallowable camera; the first laser-accurate, handheld vein finding device; and the first fully-automated, dual-ear handheld newborn screening device—all of which have won awards. Today, the company continues its high standards of quality and innovation in 24 worldwide locations.

Founded in 1979, Benchmark Electronics, known simply as “Electronics, Inc.”, manufactured patient monitoring equipment as a subsidiary of a pacemaker company called Intermedics. In 1986, 90 percent of Electronics, Inc. was purchased by Electronic Investors Corp. (EIC), and in the following year EIC and Electronics, Inc. merged into Benchmark Electronics. In 1990, the Benchmark Electronics made its initial public offering, raising $9 million and funding the 1991 opening of a new plant in Beaverton, Oregon.

In 1992, the company moved its headquarters from Chute to Angleton, Texas, and experienced steady growth, generating $98.2 million in sales in 1994. In 1996, Benchmark acquired EMD Technologies, which added new engineering, design, and manufacturing to Benchmark’s capabilities—doubling its volume and leading to over $200 million in revenue. In 1998, Benchmark acquired the manufacturing arm of Lockheed Martian Corporation, which added a new facility in New Hampshire, more customers, and presence on both U.S. coasts. In 1999, Benchmark made one of the largest acquisitions in EMS history by purchasing Avex Electronics Corporation, a top-three CEM in 1994, eventually leading to revenues of $1 billion in 2000.

In 2002, realizing low-cost regions as necessary to growth, Benchmark expanded by acquiring Thailand’s ACT Manufacturing and built a new plant in Suzhou, China. In 2007, Benchmark purchased Pemstar, bolstering its engineering resources and adding several new plants in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Shortly thereafter, Benchmark purchased a former Quantum facility in Malaysia. In 2009, the company expanded into Romania and later acquired Oviso Manufacturing. In 2010, Benchmark acquired facilities and assets to expand Precision Technologies and widen its footprint in Malaysia and Singapore. In 2013, the company acquired CTS Electronics Manufacturing Solutions and CTS Electronics Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.

Today, Benchmark hardly resembles the medical instruments manufacturer it was in 1979. Only 11 percent of the company’s sales in 2013 were in “medical instruments.” Rather, in 2013, the company’s largest sales were in “computers related to business enterprises” (30%), “industrial control equipment” (29%), and “telecommunications equipment” (23%).

Most recently, Benchmark reported Q2 2014 net revenues of $717 million, up 18% percent from Q2 2013 ($608 million), and the company exceeded its guidance ($665-700 for the quarter. The company also reported $120 and $150 in new program bookings. In the coming quarter, Benchmark expects year over year losses of 2.3–6.5 percent.

According to its 2013 annual report, Benchmark’s ten largest customers represented 53 percent of their sales, with International Business Machines Corporation representing 17 percent.

Awards: Medical Design Excellence Award, iF Design Award, GSM Association Award, Swift Award, and the Industrial Design and Excellence Award, among others.

Glassdoor: Based on 41 reviews on Glassdoor.com, Benchmark Electronics received 2.6/5 stars, with 25 percent of respondents recommending the company to a friend. Based on 18 ratings Benchmark Electronics’ CEO, Gayla J. Delly, received a 39 percent approval rating.

Great variety of engineering work combined with a management team that respects the employees.” – Current Engineer.

“Micromanagement from General Manager, promises of growth upon employment with no results, poor salary increases even with outstanding reviews, pay is low, morale is low, not employee friendly.” – Anonymous Current Employee.

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Web (about): http://www.bench.com/AboutUs/Pages/Overview.aspx

Web (contact): http://www.bench.com/ContactUs/Pages/On-Line-Form.aspx


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