EMERALD TECHNOLOGIES                                                                                                                                                                                            2243 Lundy Ave   |   San Jose, CA 95131   |   925-401-2004

Our veteran team of engineers will bring your product ideas to full-production readiness

We bring experience to electronics design; from small IoT to complex terabit communication systems. Our team provides you the capability, know-how and industry relationships to deliver on-time and on target.

Core Competencies

System Architecture & Design
Analog, RF, Mixed-Signal & Wireless
Small Embedded to High-Speed Digital
Battery Powered Handheld & Wearable


We have partnered in designs that have a few cost-sensitive parts to large-scale systems with multiple PCBs and thousands of components; embedded platforms that require extreme temperature resilience and sensitive medical wearables. We thrive in new technical challenges. We know the steps, and often the missteps, in bringing an idea from napkin to reality.

Collaboration is Key

Engineering is a team sport. It requires many disciplines to work together. Our goal is to bring our technical know-how together with your topic experts to realize an idea. At the core of this is continual communication. We listen to your design intent, cooperatively design a plan, and work in lockstep throughout the design process.

Phased Approach

We divide the development process into key phases. Each step refines both design direction and intent while aiming to eliminate extensive backtracks or design redundancies. The final manufacturable product is always our North Star. Not all projects require all phases. Let’s discuss how we can best serve you.

Tools & Libraries

We are power users of all major EDA tools. We can create any necessary components either in your ecosystem or through Optimum’s Virtual Librarian creation service. Starting from scratch? We can help there too.


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